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Having a “Succession” Plan is Only Half the Battle

At Reevemark, we’ve handled many executive transitions – both long planned and those made suddenly, out of necessity.  Along with having a clear succession plan in place, here’s our view of how effective corporate communications planning and execution can help organizations avoid Waystar Royco pitfalls and ensure a smooth leadership transition.
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A Crypto Collapse and Its Communications Crisis

Social media is a blunt instrument unless it is used by a skilled technician with properly calibrated content. Forthright communication with your audiences is a good thing, but leaders must remember that everything they post will be scrutinized and can, and will, be used against them. Even if the posts are deleted. Read basic principles of social media in crisis communications here:

To Speak or Not to Speak: That Is STILL The Question

Taking a public stand on divisive topics in the age of stakeholder capitalism comes with meaningful and multifaceted risk, which must be taken into consideration. Companies should stick to their core values, consider the competing interests of their stakeholders, and be wary of precedent setting when making these nuanced decisions.