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Reevemark puts ChatGPT to the test. What does artificial intelligence mean for the practice of public relations? How will practitioners integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning into their work? Read Reevemark's initial take on the platform that has everyone talking about AI.

Riding Out The Cycle

We all know that markets are cyclical, and while a surging market can be a lot more fun, a down market is an inevitable and integral part of a well-functioning economy. Progress is never linear, and markets require periodic correction to ensure longevity. We enter 2023 immensely grateful to our clients, business partners and fellow advisors, who have been so instrumental to our success. We are confident we will not only weather the storm together but emerge the stronger for it.
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A Crypto Collapse and Its Communications Crisis

Social media is a blunt instrument unless it is used by a skilled technician with properly calibrated content. Forthright communication with your audiences is a good thing, but leaders must remember that everything they post will be scrutinized and can, and will, be used against them. Even if the posts are deleted. Read basic principles of social media in crisis communications here:

Avoiding a Witches Brew: The Growing Importance of Employee Sentiment

Employee sentiment no longer lurks in the shadows. Amidst an ominous market outlook characterized by broad layoffs and slashed bonuses, and a political environment where employers are feeling pressure to weigh in on social issues, companies are more vulnerable than ever to employee criticism. Proactively managing employee sentiment and preparing to respond to concerns where appropriate are key to protecting a company’s reputation.

Our Fourth Anniversary

As we enter our fifth year, we want to again express our gratitude to our clients and fellow advisors, who understand that communicating well today doesn’t require you to be bigger – you must be smarter. 

SPAC Mania: Looking Back 18 Months Later

We continue to believe that having the right strategic communications approach to investor and public relations will be a differentiating factor in the ongoing competition for capital. But as we look ahead, there are some contingencies for which newly public companies should prepare.

Don’t Count Your Planes Before They Land

In high-stakes corporate situations, tensions – and tempers – can run high, and it is easy to overlook the long-term implications of communications that may feel satisfying in the short-term. Reevemark offers advice on how to navigate amid turbulence.

SPAC Mania: Differentiating in a Crowd

SPACs present substantial opportunities for capital raising, business development and wealth creation. At the same time, risks abound. The SPACs that ultimately succeed will be the ones that see the whole field, line up the right advisors to partner with them – not only during the significant initial announcements, but over the long term