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Not So Dumb Money: Retail Investors Are Here to Stay

The re-emergence of Keith “Roaring Kitty” Gill and the shareholder vote at Tesla have once again drawn attention to the role of retail investors in the markets and their effect on shareholder votes. Whether they are expecting a controversial shareholder proposal, a potential activist, or another ho-hum annual meeting this year, companies would be well advised to develop the ability now to maximize their relationship with retail shareholders.

Mitigating Against the Perils of Typos in Earnings Communications

In financial communications, one errant key stroke can become a major, market-moving gaffe. Preparing for earnings can be a Herculean process, and some degree of human error is inevitable. But you can take steps to ensure the occasional nit never sees the light of day. We explore Lyft's recent earnings announcement and the importance of having a thoughtful and coordinated earnings preparation process.