Our Second Anniversary

Communicating in the New Normal

It has certainly been an interesting year.

We appreciate the support of our clients and fellow advisors and value the opportunities to collaborate on cutting-edge matters ranging from legal, restructuring and reputational issues, to shareholder activism campaigns and corporate mergers and offerings. The rising voices of employee and consumer activists and the global pandemic have brought a new tenor to many of our projects, but in this “new normal,” our goal remains the same: to help our clients deliver compelling and effective messages that resonate with their many stakeholders.

2020 and COVID-19 have brought new operational, financial and social challenges, along with virtual and hybrid work arrangements. The tensions created by this new environment may be with us for the foreseeable future and amidst a divisive election year backdrop. Customers and employees – with voices amplified by social media – are increasingly asking institutions to take stands on issues outside of their typical business focus. Companies are also challenged to create a more equitable and inclusive workplace and to re-examine how to manage employee conflicts.

The “typical” communications playbook can no longer be relied upon. In this day and age, and in our line of work, nothing is typical. In these times, it is more important than ever to be prepared to communicate effectively on a range of issues. We focus on what really matters — helping clients strengthen their hand. We bring senior attention to matters large and small, provide candid and results-oriented strategic counsel and develop quality content to deliver favorable outcomes for clients.

We thank all of our clients and fellow advisors for making our second year so successful.

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